The Ultimate Guide to Identifying Common Spiders (Infographic)

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Before you grab that shoe to get rid of an unwelcome spider, check out this handy spider identification guide. Most spiders aren’t harmful to humans and can actually help with other pest problems since they feed on small insects. However, if you find more than a few spiders in your home, it may indicate a larger pest problem. Quickly pinpoint your region on the guide, find the spider’s hiding spot and check out the simple tips for naturally repelling the creepy crawler. Hint: many spiders dislike citrus oils.

If your spider has already met its demise, snap a photo and compare it against the chart, or better yet, print out a copy of the guide for future reference. This is a great teaching tool for both children and adults. This guide will help you and your family distinguish between the good and bad guys and provide you with peace of mind. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert on arachnids!

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the ultimate guide to identifying common spiders 1Source: pestexterminator

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