An Illustrative History Of the Ford F 150

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This infographic details the history of the Ford F Series and it’s 13 generations. This truck was conceived in 1948, and has stood the test of time to still be one of the top trucks today. Learn about each generation’s contributions in technology and style, and see the evolution of the truck over the years.

Ford Motor Co. introduced this truck in 1947 as a replacement for standard car frame trucks. This modernized version contains a one-piece windshield, smooth body contour, upgraded headlight design and a more powerful engine then its predecessors.

The company continued to refine the body in the second generation, and introduced a more sturdy grille and fender. This generation is also responsible for the F-100 naming convention that still exists today.

The third series overhauled the design with a smoother body and new style of hood. This new look defined the generation, and changed some of its functions for the later generations as well.

In 1961, they redisigned the body, creating a lower and wider version of the truck. This was followed by grille changes and new engine options. Dramatic changes entered in 1987, when the front end was redesigned and lowered. The interior upgraded to a modernized instrumental panel, and the heavy duty and sports vehicle packages were introduced.

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