Top 10 Auto Insurance Infographics

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Auto insurance is one of the most sought after insurance plan that meets the needs of people in case of accidents or mishaps. The primary purpose of the insurance is to provide financial protection against vehicle damage or injuries that result from traffic accidents.

Auto insurance provides protection against thefts and other possible damages that occur to the vehicle. Here are ten infographics that explain about tips, facts, statistics and different types of fraud on auto insurance.

Business Auto Insurance
This infographic shows which things you should consider while choosing auto insurance, due to car accident how many people injured & died and types of auto insurance.

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business auto insurance

Source: statefarm

Get Ahead Of Auto Insurance….. Before It Gets Hold Of You
Bagging a great deal on your auto insurance should be first on your to-do list once you get a new car. Purchasing auto insurance is essential to safeguard your new vehicle against damages of any sort.

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ahead of auto insurance

Source: thehartford

Auto Insurance : Did You Know?
If you are looking for cheap car insurance, this infographic provides 6 simple ways to lower your auto insurance premiums. It also shows which 10 states are the cheapest when it comes to vehicle insurance and which 10 states are the most expensive.

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auto insurance know

Source: autoinsuranceape

Auto Insurance Policy – Your Peace of Mind on the Road
Understand your auto insurance and how you are covered. Check out this infographic for all the basics.

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auto insurance policy

Source: lifestoreinsurance

7 Tips For Saving With Auto Insurance
Your road map to getting the best auto insurance rates and keeping them every year.

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saving with auto insurance

Source: insuranceratesquote

Auto Insurance Fraud
This infographic shows all the different types of auto insurance fraud that has occurred over the years as well as costs to the public and various legislation that has passed to counter the fraud.

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Source: submitinfographics

Factors That Determine Your Auto Insurance Premiums
Many individuals have been utilizing the same insurance provider from the moment they first possessed a vehicle. A few businesses out there are dedicated to cheap auto insurance for different prices, coverage and also guidelines.

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insurance premiums

Source: autoinsurancehq

The Truth Behind Teen Auto Insurance
Get tips and tricks on how to save money while insuring your teen driver.

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teen auto insurance

Source: expresslane.idrivesafely

Auto Insurance by State

Across all fifty states that make up the good ole’ USA, automobile liability insurance is mandatory. As a result, there are four general tiers of car insurance: no-fault; choice no-fault; tort liability, and add-on options.Today, we focus on the specificities of no-fault insurance; a type of insurance contract in which the insured (if injured in an automobile accident) is indemnified up to a specific amount by their designated insurance company.

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insurance by state

Source: autoinsuranceape

Auto Insurance Statistics
An estimated 28% of all auto-related fatalities in the United States involve drivers under the age of 25. According to FEMA, 64% of homes in the United States are under-insured according to their estimated value.

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insurance statistics

Source: leapclixx

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