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How to Make a Beer

Fermenter, usually a food-grade plastic bucket with a tight-fighting lid (more experienced brewers may use a glass carboy). Air lock and stopper allow carbon dioxide to escape during fermentation while keeping air out.

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20 Things worth Knowing about Beer

The ancient Babylonians were the first to brew. In fact, they took their beer so seriously, if you brewed a bad batch your punishment was to be drowned in it. Beer is mostly composed of water which isn’t particularly interesting. What is interesting, however, is that the water in certain regions were originally better suited to making certain types of beer.

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The Best Beer in America

As the American craft beer movement started taking root the first Great American Beer Festival was held in Boulder, Colorado, in 1982. That first event had 22 participating breweries and a few hundred beer fans in attendance. The 28th GABF sponsored by the Brewers Association in Denver in 2009 is expected to feature more than 400 breweries serving 2,000 beers to 46,000 beer lovers.

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Annual Beer Consumption by State

In the U.S., a barrel of beer contains 31 gallons. Americans drink more beer on July 4th than any other day of the year. Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in America and accounts for about 85% of the volume of alcoholic beverages sold in the United States each year.

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Which Country Consumes the Most Alcohol?

Drinking alcohol is something of a national pastime, but some countries might be taking this leisurely activity to the extreme. With this in mind, we were interested in finding out the top alcohol consuming nations read on to learn which countries drink the most alcohol and their favorite tipples.

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Global Beer Production and Consumption

Beer is the world’s third-most consumed beverage, losing only to water and tea in terms of popularity. And with nearly 148 billion liters produced, the people consuming all of this beer are as diverse as the beers they brew. The graphic below illustrates the differences of consumption and production, by country.

global beer production and consumption 1

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Drinking Beer Ice Cold

Beer is one of the oldest beverages humans have produced-records as far back as the Sumerians in 2050 BC show evidence of beer trade and brew recipes. And while beer doesn’t often get much credit for being a beneficial beverage, evidence is starting to reveal that beer is as heart-healthy as wine.

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World’s Strongest and Strangest Beers

Each beer is categorized by the Standard Reference Method. Or SRM, which assesses a beer’s darkness. ABV is a standard measures of how much alcohol is contained in an alcoholic beverage (expressed as a percentage of total volume). The Alcohol By Volume (ABV) standard is used worldwide.

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Beer Saved the World

Egyptian texts contain 100 medical prescriptions calling for beer. The Egyptians knew that a beer a day keeps the doctor away; beer fueled the pyramids, too. To build a pyramid of Giza it would take 231,414,717 gallons of beer. Average person drank 60 to 66 gallons of it each year.

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The U.S. Independent Beer Movement

Over the last few decades, small, independent breweries in the U.S. have been quietly growing. And though large breweries outplace smaller ones in annual production, craft beers are using their local roots, small scale, and unique offerings to attract devout followers and loyal customers. We take a closer look at the rising tide of craft beer in the U.S.

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