A snapshot of the Real Estate Market from Buyers Point of View

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Research undertaken by www.realestateview.com.au paints an optimistic outlook for the Australian real estate market. In a study with over 8,000 property seekers, it would seem that record low interest rates are working well to incentivise people in making their dream home, a reality. The infographic breaks down the research by unique buyer profiles such as;

· 1st Time Buyer

· Next home buyer – Upsizing

· Next Home Buyer – Downsizing

· 1st Time Investor

· Seasoned Investor

The infographic then categorises the information sought after by each unique buyer profile which will help people working in real estate to better understand the needs and requirements of their target market. Some of the top information sources were;

· Recent sales – for the investor

· Recent auction results – for the 1st time investor

· Crime statistics – Next Home Buyer – Downsizing

· Public transport links – Next Home Buyer – Downsizing

The infographic then breaks down the price range by percentage of the 8,000 property seeker sample size. The research shows that property seekers are more interested in houses fewer than 400k.

The infographic then takes looks at the most popular types of residential property. This category is consists of a House, Townhouse/Unit/Apartment and Rural/Farm Acreage. Despite reports that say that Australians are moving to higher rise buildings, the research shows that people still hold value to the ‘Great Australian Dream’, consisting of a white picket fence, backyard cricket, and BBQ’s in the garden.

This infographic is part of Real Estate View’s first wave of insightful research in 2013 based on the Australian real estate market. For more information and insights, please keep posted on www.realestateview.com.au

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real estateSource: realestateview.com.au

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