Evolution of Lead Generation

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In our lifetime we have all seen the advancement of technology and how it has made our lives easier and more fun. Technology has changed business and marketing almost completely and has evolved it into a different kind of game. If you have been working for an advertising firm or online marketing company you have seen and witnessed these changes.

Social media has changed the name of the game more than once, and now businesses are studying and trying to get as many followers on twitter, and as many likes on Facebook. These are only a couple of changes that we have seen over the years in business and marketing over the last couple of years.

With this infographic you will learn about the history or lead generations and how people use to advertise their product before Facebook and the internet. You will learn who has the first radio and TV commercials (Surprisingly enough they are both the same company!) You will also find out that Joe Namath was the first person ever to star in one of these multimillion dollar advertisements.

It is also very interesting to learn more about the printing business and how important newspapers were and the role that they played back in the 1900s and even before that. It’s also very interesting how people would generate their leads before printing and other forms of media that we take for granted.

What about the people who lived in ancient Rome and the medieval times? With the infographic you will have fun and learn a lot about mankind and just how far we have come overtime and how far we have all evolved for the better. Businesses worldwide have just benefited from this year in and year out. We can only dream about what technology will be like in the future and what kind of impact it will have on us.

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lead generationSource: grosocial.com

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