History of the Online Trading Academy (Infographic)

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This infographic shows several milestones in history for Online Trading Academy from the beginning back in 1997.  From expanding the academy with several new locations to offer more classes all around the world to those who would like to learn about trading, to the number of graduating students which continues to rise every single day.

Every day Online Trading Academy strives to be able to assist their students with an excellent learning environment.  They not only have classroom classes student can take; now they also have live in-depth online classes for those that cannot make it to an actual classroom. Classes such as; Mastering the Mental Game, Real Estate and Platform Immersion, and a Online Educational Service called Pro Picks. Online Trading Academy also offers continuous classes that student can continue to take after they have graduated from the academy.

Online Trading Academy came out with a station on the Radio called Power Trading Radio, the world’s first daily syndicated radio show for traders! Not to long after they opened the Radio show, they added another division to the academy that is called Online Trading Academy Tax Pros division. In the process of opening other locations throughout the world, adding more classes and services, Online Trading Academy has also created a virtual online meeting place for all the elite traders around the world, called the Mastermind Community. Take a look at the timeline in the infographic and see how the Online Trading Academy has gotten to be where they are today.

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history of the online trading academy 1Source: tradingacademy

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