How Invoice Financing Can Save Your Business?

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Don’t you hate unpaid invoices? Do you need money quickly? Join over 170,000 businesses who have used invoice financing, invoice discounting or factoring to help save their business. Forget about tradition bank loans and overdrafts and turn your unpaid invoices into hard cash.

Business Expert can help you to find the best invoice financing schemes, with the industry up 45% since 2009 and currently valued at £62.5 billion, you can’t go wrong. Four easy steps: 1) Invoice your customers and send a copy of the invoice to a factoring provider. 2) The invoice provider pays you up to 95% of the invoice value, usually within 24 hours. 3) a) If factoring, the provider chases the customers and takes full responsibility or b) if discounting you retain full responsibility over the administration. 4) You receive the remaining balance of the invoice value, less any charges. There are only benefits with invoice financing, join the trend!

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