The Power of Color and Customer Centricity (Infographic)

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Imagine you’re first to bat with your team and you are facing CC Sabathia from the New York Yankees. How do you prepare for his first pitch? Do you look for clues? Look at the statistics for his previous games? Guess? One thing is certain, no one prepares for his “average” pitch.

Yet many Communication Service Providers (CSPs) do exactly that today; they look at their customers as a grey scale image, each shade is an approximation of reality, and then prepare to take average customer actions. Except that customers like to be seen in full color; each person distinct from another. With color, CSPs can paint their customer processes to be more specific, more relevant, more pro-active and more effective for each customer.

What, exactly, does an “average” customer look like? Many CSPs segment their customer base using dimensions such as socio-demographic factors, ARPU, contract life stages, marketing-defined customer types, handset ownership and so on. They try to match the best bundles and offerings to each segment so that they can increase revenue and maintain or improve market position against a rapidly changing landscape of competitors and consumer value perception.

By applying color to all of their customer processes at the moment of truth, CSPs can take the best actions relevant to each customer. Doing this over the life times of their subscribers delivers exceptional value to both customers and service providers.

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the power of color and customer centricity 1Source: pega

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