Time to Start a Business in America (Infographic)

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You probably wouldn’t think that now would be the best time to start your own business, but it actually is. Because of the economy there is actually less competition because people are focused on surviving, not thriving. Not to mention there is a head start on gains once the economy turns around.
If you are considering starting your own business you might be thinking about funding. Some traditional methods are a small business bank loan, administration loans, venture capitalism, angel investors and asset backed funding. And if you’re looking to go the non-traditional route, there is crowd funding and tapping into your retirement to get things started.
Advancements in technology are another reason why now is a great time to start your own business. For example, cloud computing is a great way to store all of your data and affordable as well.

Check out this infographic presented by ProfitBricks to learn more about why it’s startup time in America.

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Source: profitbricks

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