How To Beat The Breach With The Cyber Security Workforce?

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The threat of cyber-attack is real. Cyber breaches are a fact of modern life that affect small, medium, and large businesses alike, with 1.5 million cyber-attacks monitored in the U.S. in 2013.

Because of the high threat that exists in today’s world, cyber security warriors are in high demand across a wide range of sectors from finance, to government to retail to academia. In fact, the Washington metro area had more than 23,000 job postings for cyber security positions in 2013, the largest concentration in the nation.

Although substantial investments in preparing a skilled workforce are being made in the region to address this imminent growth, the truth is, our nation’s cyber security talent pipeline is broken. The growing demand is only part of the challenge faced by employers. A pipeline of abundant talent is also scarce given specific qualifications required for cyber security–like security clearance and minimum years of industry experience.

Industry leaders must come together to build a blueprint for how to address this growing shortage.

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