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The New Job Hunt

Savvy candidates are treating g job search like any other major purchase by learning as much about a job or company as they can before deciding to click ‘apply.’ The days of the passive job seeker are over. Now, nearly seven in ten workers search for new opportunities on a routine basis.

the new job hunt 1Source: careerbuilder

Under Pressure – The Misperceptions Pushing Down on Talent in 2012

Many employers are having a difficult time finding skilled employees right now, while many candidates are having hard time finding a job for which they’re qualified. Both sides are, without realizing it, making decisions that are pushing one another away and leaving great jobs unfilled – resulting in a talent crunch. With often completely opposing views about the talent problems we’re facing, how can employers and candidates give each other one more chance?

under pressure - the misperceptions pushing down on talent in 2012 1Source: careerbuilder

5 Jobs that are Hot Right Now

Wondering what the most in demand jobs are right this minute- and what qualifications you need to compete for them? Read on for five of the hottest U.S. jobs, where to find them, how to search for them, what kind of education you need, the level of competition you’re up against, the salary yu can expect, and more.

5 jobs that are hot right now 1Source: careerbuilder

The Evolution of the Salesperson

70% of buying process is complete before buyer engages with a salesperson. Marketing is shifting to inbound marketing using web-based content and recommendations from others to attract leads. On average I.T. decision makers need to consume 5 pieces of content before being ready to speak to sales rep.

the evolution of the salesperson 1Source: postwire

Most Hazardous Jobs in America

In 2009, 4,340 workers lost their lives due to fatal occupational injuries in the USA. We examine which jobs are the most dangerous, the risks of each occupation and what you can expect to get paid for potentially putting yourself in harm’s way.

most hazardous jobs in america 1Source: termlifeinsurance

The State of Jobs in the US

Overall Economic Ranking, a state’s OER can be determined by looking at three main factors; personal income per capita, unemployment rates, and crime rates. These can give us an idea of how well-off a certain state’s general population is. If the population is employed, well-paid, and not resorting to crime to survive, we can infer that they are indeed well-off economically.

the state of jobs in the US 1Source: ebayclassifieds

Salary Guide for the 10 Hottest Digital Creative Jobs

The following is a list of the 10 most requested digital creative job titles from Onward Search’s nationwide base of clients. Provided for each is a list of the top 20 markets based on job posting volume from Simply and the associated salary ranges as obtained from

salary guide for the 10 hottest digital creative jobs 1 Source: onwardsearch

Predicting the Top 5 Careers in 2017

In the next five years the demand for online education is expected to spike, and along with it will likely be an increase of interest in the following five great careers that can be achieved with online degrees.

predicting the top 5 careers in 2017 1Source: libertyuniversity

Data Scientist Study

The explosion in digital data, bandwidth and processing power – combined with new tools fro analyzing the data – has sparked massive interest in the emerging field of data science. Organizations of all sizes are turning to people who are capable of translating this trove of data – created by mobile sensors, social media, surveillance, medical imaging, smart grids and the like – into predictive insights that lead to business value. Despite the growing opportunity, demand for data scientists has outpaced supply of talent, and will for the next five years.

data scientist study 1Source: EMC

The Anatomy of a Great Teacher

A great teacher changes the lives of their students forever; they instill confidence and knowledge in every student who crosses their path. What makes a great teacher, and how do they treat their students and their classroom? Find out where teachers fir into our society, and what they’re doing to educate young people in America.

the anatomy of a great teacher 1Source: topteachingcolleges

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