Christmas Shopping Habits In 2012 (Infographic)

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Christmas is almost here and most us are already thinking about the gifts that we will be buying for family and friend this year, but how much will the average person be spending in 2012 in comparison to five years ago? It is true that the economy is still struggling to recover and most people don’t have as much to spend as they used to do, but how will this affect the way that we celebrate during the festive season?

This infographic looks into some of the interesting findings from a survey carried out amongst the subscribers of a coupons and deals website. With statistics about what kind of gifts people are planning on buying and for whom, plus whether people expect to run up any debts due to their spending, it makes fascinating reading. The survey also asked people whether they find it harder to find gifts for men or women. Read on to find out the results.

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christmas shopping habits


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