Top 5 Christmas Movie Infographics

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The Greatest Christmas Movies

A look into the greatest selling Christmas movies of all time and what made these films so special to those who watched them.

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A Star Filled Christmas

Christmas movies have a long and robust lineage in the history of the film industry. In recent decades, we have been blessed with a wide spectrum of Christmas-related films, starring some of our favorite actors and voice artists.

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The Christmas Movie Flow Chart

This season to be cheerful and with less than a week till Christmas day. So you want to watch a holiday movie.

the christmas movie flow chart 1

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Know Your Christmas Movies

For every it’s a wonderful life and die hard there a dozen movies like Christmas with the kranks seemingly designed to make you hate the most wonderful time of the year. So before you turn on basic cable, and settle in for a Christmas movie marathon, you should know.

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30 Christmas Films

Here are 30 of the best Christmas films for the family. They may not be the most critically acclaimed films of all time, they may not have earned any awards or have dissertations written about them. What they are is good family fun. Movies which will get you feeling festive – which you can watch sitting curled up in front of the fire, with pop corn or mince pies to eat and a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

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Source: herecomethegirlsblog


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