Top 5 Christmas Shopping Infographics

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The Online Christmas Shopping Revolution

2011 was the biggest day ever for online retail in the UK. Mondays in December are the busiest days for online retailers.

the online christmas shopping revolution

Source: global.rakuten

Christmas Shopping Habits During The Recession recently surveyed a thousand of their subscribers to learn more about their spending habits at Christmas. During these tough economic times, the attitude that many people have about shopping in the festive season seems fairly predictable, although some of the results were surprising to say the least.

christmas shopping habits during the recession

Source: lovemyvouchers

The Commerce of Christmas

Tis the season to be spendy! Find out what the typical shopper spends, where they spend it and on what items.

the commerce of christmas

Source: outright

US Christmas Shopping Trends

It is more important than ever for business to be ready across multiple digital channels for the Christmas shopping season. Live Person’s Survey of American shoppers reveals that today’s consumer wants an optimized experience wherever they are connecting with brands.

US christmas shopping trends

Source: liveperson

Shopping Online Mozo’s Xmas 2012 infographic

What are Aussies buying this Christmas and where should you buy them? We’ve rounded up the best online shopping deals from overseas and 0z to save you as much as $275 on your Christmas shopping. So now all you have to do is wait for a knock on the door.

shopping online mozo’s Xmas 2012 infographic

Source: mozo

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