Top 5 Christmas Vacation Infographics

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Top Destinations for the Holidays

This year your faith Travel Freak editor will be passing the Yuletide along the sunny Emerald Coast of Florida, else known as the “Redneck Riviera.” It will be outlandish being surrounded by sand and palm trees rather than snow and evergreens, and we’ve not ever really been fond of the swarthy, toothless beach combers of the Deep South, but we will try to make the greatest of this fresh Christmas experience in the only way we know how – with gallons upon gallons of booze.

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Source: City Pass

Find Your Way to the Perfect Family Vacation

Scheduling the perfect multi-generational vacation can be stressful, and yet the holidays are unfinished without collecting the tribe to celebrate with loved ones, food, and warmth. In our experience, once you get the family together in one place – be it Grandma’s house or a far-flung target – all the stress of travel planning magically disappears, only to be replaced by the ultimate question: “Where should we go next time?” Thanksgiving is here now, but Christmas vacation is right around the corner, and Spring Break is just a few months away.

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Source: tripadvisor

How Much Do we Waste At Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and we look forward to celebrating with family, consuming festive treats and, of course, presents. But, what didn’t you know about the festive season.

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Christmas Cruises

Every person waits for the whole year and now Christmas is upcoming.  We all make some plans for celebrating Christmas vacation. One of the rare plans is sailing on a Cruise ship. Cruise ship is always a happening and thrilling place. Many Christmas cruises sail from the UK with Southampton being the most popular departure point.

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Source: cheapcruises

Christmas Travel Trends

Among the top 100 Christmas destinations, 72% of travelers head to hot spots while only 28% head to cold weather climes. Looks like only a minority of travelers truly dream of a while Christmas.

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Source: tripadvisor

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