Clouds Need Security To Reign

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Perspecsys has brought to everyones attention about the safety of cloud computing. Everyone knows that cloud computing involves several computers that are connected through some communication network, like the internet. Individuals host products and services from remote locations, so that the end-users don’t have to. They can simply log on to whatever network that has the cloud service without ever installing anything.Which is better for everyone involved. There is no more sitting there waiting for every single program and software suite they need to be able to do their jobs, which we all know is very time consuming.

Time we could use doing other things that are more important. With cloud computing, just login to the network with all the required software and programs and your done. The demand for cloud computing has become a necessity for a lot of large companies, small businesses, and even individuals. However, security has also become an important factor when it comes to cloud computing that a lot of individuals don’t think about and that is why Perspecsys has created this infographic to show the statistics about security when it comes to cloud computing.

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Source: Perspecsys

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