The Hobby of Collecting Coins

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“The Hobby of Collecting Coins” infographic explores the world of coin collecting by focusing on the individuals that keep the hobby going and growing. It tries to answer questions such as “Who are the coin collectors in the US?”, “How many coin collectors are out there” and many more. Read on – we hope that you learn something new!

Whether you have a coin collection of 2 coins or 2000 coins – you officially became a coin collector when you first expressed some interest in learning about that round “thing” that our government issues. Interestingly enough, like minded collectors of the United States probably went through the same experience in as early as 1792. It was in that year when the United States Mint was first established and the first set of coins were produced.

Did you know though that by year 2013 (over 200 years later!) it estimated that there are over 10 million Americans that happen to be involved in the coin collecting hobby in some shape or form? That’s 10 million like-minded individuals that attend coin shows, transact with other collectors and spend a lot of time researching the historical significance of various coins.

Our infographic, “The Hobby of Collecting Coins”, portrays an informative picture about coin collectors in the United States. We hope that you take a moment to review the infographic and learn something new about the hobby you like so much already!

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