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The History of Money

The story of money goes hand-in-hand with that of mankind. Considering how important money is to each of us, this should come as no surprise. Since at least as far back as 1200 BC, people have been giving value to objects such as cowry shells, metals, paper and, now, computer code to use as mediums of exchange. When considering the value of, let’s say, a cowry shell, person today may wonder why his or her money has value.

the history of money 1Source: creditdonkey

The History of Money and Payments

From barters to bytes, financial exchanges have evolved with civilization. Just a few centuries ago, mankind paid and bartered goods with slabs of meat and baskets of berries. In the digital age, we now have the convenience of virtual payments and a plethora of mobile payment options that allow us the freedom to pay for goods almost anywhere.

the history of money and payments 1Source: intuit

The New Workplace Currency

Cisco interviewed college students & young professionals from around the world. To see exactly what social media, mobile devices and the internet mean to them – and how these attitudes will influence job decisions.

the new workplace currency 1Source: cisco

Penny to Paper: How Much Does it Costs to Make U.S. Currency?

Each year the Federal Reserve Board provides a projection, acquired from the department of the Treasury’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing, for the need of new U.S. paper currency. As you will see, it takes money to make money. In fact, it takes a lot of money to make money.

penny to paper how much does it costs to make U.S. currency 1Source: creditsesame

Counterfeit Currency: What is the Price of Free Money?

We all spend much of our lives handling money. In fact, cash is so commonplace to us that we often scarcely pay any attention to it all. Look a little closer and you’ll soon appreciate how big of an issue currency counterfeiting is. Criminals stand to make millions, and governments invest even more than that to make their money as hard to fake as possible.

counterfeit currency what is the price of free money 1Source: prafulla

The History of High-Value U.S. Currency: The Bills that Plastic Forgot

These days, nearly all purchases over $100 are made on plastic. However, not too long ago, the pockets of America’s most wealthy held bills that would make most of us cringe to imagine carrying. These high denominations were commonly used for bank-to bank transfers and large federal transactions, but electronic transfers have since made those high-value bills obsolete.

the history of high-value U.S. currency the bills that plastic forgot 1Source: creditsesame

Bypassing the US Dollar

On June 1, 2012, China and Japan agreed to establish a direct yen / yuan exchange rate. Prior to this agreement, businesses in both countries were forced to first convert their currencies to U.S. dollars in order to buy either yen or yuan as needed to complete sales transactions between the two countries.

bypassing the US dollar 1Source: oanda

Money 101: For Parents & Teens

Parents face numerous dilemmas about their kids and their kids’ money: how much allowance to pay, when to open their bank accounts, how to teach the value of a dollar. Opinions and approaches may vary, but saving for a rainy day is always smart.

money 101 for parents & teens 1Source: bankofamerica

Turbotax Infographic: Bitcoins—the Taxless Currency

Created in 2009 by a Japanese programmer, bitcoins are the first anonymous decentralized digital currency. They are digital coins that you can send through the internet.

turbotax infographic bitcoins—the taxless currency 1Source: turbotax

History of American Paper Money

From colonial bills to silver and gold certificates to even a $100,000 note, American paper money has undergone many changes throughout its history.

history of american paper money 1Source: creditseason

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