College Years Between the Hammer and the Anvil

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Everyone knows that education is an important key to having a successful career. But going through college comes with its downsides and sacrifices. You have to write your assignments and papers, often with very tight deadlines, and regardless of whether you have an interest in that topic, writing skills, and even if your future profession will not require you to write anything ever again in your life.

Not to mention what a burden homework is for dyslexic students and those with attention deficit disorder. It is completely understandable that many seek online homework help.

For these reasons, there is a fierce debate regarding homework, with many researchers speaking out against giving children too much homework and advocating a more balanced approach. They agree that doing homework can help one develop a sense of responsibility, but warn that it should be taken in smaller doses, making sure that students do not become overburdened and lose interest.

One study has found that assigning students more than 90-100 minutes of homework per day, led to decline in their math and science scores. For this reason, they state that their recommendation is not to do away with homework but to make it more interactive, meaningful and useful.

Do your homework, but do not let it ruin your school experience.

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