Study Higher, Earn Fatter and Live Longer (Infographic)

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Many consider that better education is to make much more money and live happily. Quite true to some extent, there are some other invaluable benefits of better education too.

Life expectancy is one of the chief factors that is influenced by good education. High school drop outs tend to expire five years in advance compared to those who finished college.

Life style associated disease risks like diabetes, heart issues and obesity dwindle down considerably with every four years of further education.

A woman with decent educational back ground can take care of her children better compared to others. The mortality rates of just born can be reduced to half if the mothers are college graduates rather than not even being high school pass outs.

Well educated parents can guide their wards better to ensure that they do well at studies and also can take care of their health better (which is necessary to top in studies).

At last, but not the least, lifetime earnings double with every next level of education (doubles from high school to that of a college and so on).

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Source: educationrequirements

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