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Career with Online Degree

These non-traditional students need new ways of education that are flexible, cost effective, and easily accessible. The number of students enrolled in (at least one) online courses keeps on growing.

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The Good News for Online Degrees

Online degrees are viewed more favorably today than five years ago. Individual courses taken online are equally credible to traditional university courses. Online degree programs are equally credible to traditional degree programs.

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Online Degrees vs Campus Degrees

With online degrees becoming more and more common, it is very important that prospective students take the time to examine the difference between online degrees and campus degrees. There are many factors to review when choosing what and where to study. Check out some of today’s top schools, campus degrees and top online degrees.

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Accreditation of Online Degree

Many assume that online degree programs consist of subpar academics that functions as diploma mills. The truth is online schools undergo the same accreditation procedures as traditional colleges and universities. So as long as you do your research on the credentials, you can receive a quality education online.

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Online vs Classroom

Studies show online instructional programs work! In fact, students today are so used to using the internet that more and more schools and universities are turning to computers as their teaching tools. “Online learning is actually a more efficient and effective way for students to learn. It facilities easy information transfer; while classroom learning encourage passive learning and ignore individual learning differences.”

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