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University costs can be extortionate, while a course with The Training Room will lead you to turn your passion into a viable career in less than one third of the time!

This infographic outlines the radical differences in both cost and lifestyle between attending university and taking part in a course with us here at The Training Room. At The Training Room we offer a one off course fee, that usually includes your learning materials, while at university, your course fees often span a 3 year period not including learning materials as well as being quite demanding.

Another factor we considered when laying out the differences in the above infographic was accommodation and living costs. While at university, it is very unlikely you will be able to work a full time job, therefore over the three year span of your studies accommodation and living costs can add up quite quickly. However, at The Training Room your course can be completed in just 6 weeks or done on your own time working around your current job, based on your chosen course, moreover making accommodation and living costs quite minimal in comparison.

Conversely, 37% of students, that have gone to university, have expressed a great deal of regret due to the debt faced from their student loans upon graduation, not to mention the fact that 49% also feel university in no way helped them to get to where they are today. So, why spend the time and money on obtaining a university degree when you can achieve similar qualifications in doing what you love with a course here at The Training Room.

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