Most Bizarre Celebrity Home Burglaries (Infographic)

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As scary as it sounds, according to the FBI, a home gets robbed in the U.S. every 14 seconds. Being that common,  a home burglary is rarely worthy of national media coverage. However, when a celebrity’s home is burglarized it can be a much bigger (and stranger) story. We’ve compiled all of the details of the top 5 strangest celebrity home break-ins in one place. Check out the infographic below to see what one robber did with Paris Hilton’s undergarments while another did something even more brazen on Sylvester Stallone’s front lawn. Get a glimpse at the injuries sustained by the guy who attempted to break into LL Cool J’s crib and the total value of items stolen right from Steve Jobs’ house. And did you hear about the man who dared to break into P Diddy’s Hamptons estate? It goes to show that really anyone can be a victim of home burglary- even the rich and famous.

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most bizarre celebrity home burglaries 1Source: securitychoice

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