Power Tools in Horror Flicks

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Horror movie buffs everywhere, come and check out this great compilation of some of the most iconic horror films in history. This list isn’t like others you’ve seen – it highlights villains that use power tools and equipment to mutilate their victims. We felt it necessary to highlight the creative genius displayed in these films and give them the recognition they deserve! Horror film fanatics and movie buffs alike will find something unique and fun in this infographic, including some new releases that may make waves in horror film history. You will also find facts and studies that explain why certain people are so drawn to these types of slasher films, and the way our brain functions when we watch them.

No matter what time of year, we always have room in our schedule for a good scare flick or two – check out this graphic and perhaps you will find some new movies to add to your watch list! Halloween may be over for the year, but getting scared out of your mind for fun doesn’t have to be a seasonal activity. Feel free to leave comments if you feel we should have added your favorite to our list, and be sure to share if you like it!

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