Solar Power: The Future of Energy

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The Earth is rich in so many resources. Long ago, we’ve discovered how to create crude energy from coal, oil and natural gas. Using these resources, we’ve built the foundations of modern society. But whether we are using these crude, non-renewable resources to run our cars, produce electricity, heat buildings and more, we have now reached a critical point in history. Fossil fuels have long since made up 80 percent of the U.S.’s energy consumption and the environment can’t sustain that kind of abuse. Our planet is in jeopardy.

We will either adapt, using new power resources that are eco-friendly, or we will quite literally run this planet into the ground with surging levels of pollution. The choice is ours; the decision begins at home.

Let’s make an effort to switch to renewable & sustainable energy sources— like solar power, hydropower and wind energy. These won’t damage the environment and have no risk of ever being depleted. Solar power in particular can drastically improve today’s modern homes. Not only do they reduce home utility prices (which are drastically skyrocketing), but they also bring in some added curb appeal— due to some great new design constructs.

A solar home is a better home— both inside and out. Check out this detailed infographic by See.Solar to see the reality of pollution on the environment, the U.S.’s part in it all and ways we can curb our dependency on crude energy.

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