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Electrical & Electronic Waste

E- waste is a general term used to describe old, obsolete or disposed devices connected to the power grid and/or containing electronic parts.

electrical & electronic waste

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Electronic Waste: Where Does It All End Up

Electronic waste, commonly called e-waste or e-scrap, is the trash you generate that’s made up of obsolete, broken, or surplus electronic devices.

electronic waste where does it all end up

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The Growing E-Waste Epidemic

“Electronic Waste” may be defined as discarded computers, office electronic equipment, entertainment device electronics, cell phones, television sets and refrigerators. Some electronic scrap components may contain contaminants such as lead, cadmium, mercury, beryllium, or brominated flame retardants.

the growing e-waste epidemic

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Turn E-Waste into Something Great

Trace materials from e-waste account for 70% of toxic waste in landfills. These materials can leach out and contaminate our soil and drinking water.

turn e-waste into something great

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53 million tons electronic waste generated worldwide in 2009. Only about 13% was recycled. Only about 13% was recycled. 100,000 workers are involved in e-waste recycling process.


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  1. Tim

    Mike Anane a Ghanaian camapaigner against electronic waste dumping is doing a great job creating awareness of the illegal dumping of e-waste in his country by the Industrialised countries -Germany, Norway,France UK USA,FINLAND,SWEDEN,HOLLAND,ITALY,SPAIN, DENMARK ETC. Infact Mike has been investigating this illegal activity for almost 10 years and has so much information about every country dumping its hazardous e-waste in Ghana, how it arrives and where it is dumped as well as the environmental and health impacts. When I sent him a mail expressing interest in producing a documentary on e-waste dumping in Ghana. He coordinated my visit, picked my crew from the airport arranged a hotel and filming in the locations and I was impressed by his level of expertise and indepth knowledge of the subject and the players. His organisational abilities are also unparaleled as there was not even a single problem with the way he assisted my crew from Europe to film in Ghana. This is a man with exclusive knowledge and information on illegal trade and dumping of e-waste in Ghana by Europe Australia, USA, CANADA. His asset tag collection is indeed most shocking and a must see. High profile institutions in these countries who should know better are the ones who do not care to know what happens to their unwanted or end of life electronic gadgets. Thanks to the singular efforts of Mike, the world is now talking about e-waste, he is widely acclaimed all over the world for bringing the issue of illegal e-waste shipments and dumping in Ghana and the need for the practice to the center stage of global discourse. The world needs more of the likes of Mike Anane.

  2. Tim

    Indeed, I found in Mike Anane a man who is always willing to assist anyone to get to the bottom of this e-waste menace. He can be reached on + 233 244 656632 or +233 24 9232188 and +233 20 1257647

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