Top 5 Environment Infographics

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Exiting the Solar System

The original mission of Voyager 1, a 722 kilogram spacecraft launched by NASA in 1977, was to study Jupiter and Saturn. After completing that, it was sent on another trajectory to take it out of the solar system.

exiting the solar system

Source: NASA

The Power of E- Cycling

E-waste is the wildest growing municipal waste stream in the US today. Know more about where electronic waste comes from and how little is being recycled responsibly. Predicted electronic purchases in the US for 2012(in millions). The average US household has 24 electronic products.

the power of e-cycling

Source: compucycle

Plastic Bags: How Convenience is Killing our Planet

Number of plastic bags produced worldwide in 1 year. Number of plastic pieces found in every square mile of ocean. Number of Marine animals killed each year as a result of plastic bag pollution.

plastic bags how convenience is killing our planet

Source: reuseit

Most Polluted Cities 2012

For 13 years, the American Lung Association has studied data from state air quality monitors to compile the State of the Air report. The extra you learn about the air you breathe, the more you can guard your health and take steps to make our air cleaner and healthier.

most polluted cities in united states 2012

Source: stateoftheair

Earth Day 2012

To celebrate Earth Day, we asked the public about a wide range of environmental topics. Most respondents agreed eco-awareness is at least somewhat important, and nearly half think it’s urgent. Captain Planet would be proud!

earth day 2012

Source: sodahead

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