Top 5 Global Warming Infographics

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Global Warming: The Debate

97% of climate scientists think global warming is significantly due to human activity and 3% of climate scientists do not think global warming in significantly due to human activity.

global warming the debate

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Which One of These Contributes More to Global Warming

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, animal agribusiness contributes to global warming even more than transportation does. Reducing the amount of meat, eggs, and dairy products in your diet is one of the most effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

which of these contributes more to global warming

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Global Warning

Or a global-sized myth? We’ll explore the two sides of the ever-growing debate on global warming and who’s causing it. The U.S.A is home to 5.7% of the population and 25% of the Earth’s CO2 pollution.

global warning

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Solving Global warming

The hot button topic of global warming, polishes its face upon the future world of infographics. And it sorts a warm and wonderful splash. Everybody always asks what can we do to end or slow global warming.

solving global warming

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The Global Warming Skeptics vs The scientific Consensus

We don’t believe there is any credible evidence that mankind’s activities are the cause of global warming. The earth’s climate is rapidly warming – if that’s even happening at all. At best, there’s only circumstantial evidence of a link between carbon dioxide levels and rising global temperatures.

the global warming skeptics vs the scientific consensus

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