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The Origins of Cooking

How we went from hunting and gathering to an era of culinary innovation. Cooking allowed early humans to tap a wider variety of food sources and gain more nutrition from them.

the origins of cooking 1Source: encorecatering

Meat Vs Fish

Here are the benefits about meat and fish which one is better for health. In regions where people have the longest lifespan the diet is based almost exclusively on meat of ruminant animals and cultured dairy products. Eating the recommended 2 portions of fish a week could cut the risk death from heart disease by 1/3.

meat Vs fish 1Source: troutbum2

Top 10 Species with Health Benefits

Here are the top 10 species which are having health benefits in it.

top 10 species with health benefits 1Source: healthywaytocook

Proper Kitchen Knives make for Quick & Easy Cooking

The key to saving time and providing nutritious meals at home is to use the proper tools in the kitchen. Having a go-to set of tools is important for any home chef, and can take much.

proper kitchen knives make for quick & easy cooking 1Source:

Recipe Roulette

How common cooking mistakes cause big problems and the easy solutions that will change luck in the kitchen. Most cooking mistakes have one of three starting points—inaccurate measurement, careless ingredient substitution, or poor ingredient preparation.

recipe roulette 1Source: testkitchenschool

Food Safety Good Food Gone Bad

Each year, contaminated food products are estimated to cause 48 million consumers sicknesses in U.S. Use the following guide to help protect yourself from food-borne contaminants.

food safety good food gone bad 1Source: greatist

We Love Ramen

95 billion servings of Ramen were eaten worldwide in 2011. Enough to feed 260 million people every day for a year.

we love ramen 1Source: hackcollege

Heat Scale of Peppers

The scale was created in 1912 by U.S. pharmacist Wilbur Scoville. The pharmacist measured the degree of piquancy of peppers by the amount of sugar water added until the “heat” is no longer detectable. The results of the measurements were fixed using the Scoville Scale.

heat scale of peppers 1Source: rianovosti

Ratio Baking

A culinary ratio is a fixed proportion of one ingredient or ingredients relative to another. These proportions from the backbone of the craft of cooking.

ratio baking 1Source: visual

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