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The Long-Term Effects of that Fast Food Meal

Think eating a happy meal here or there is relatively harmless, especially if you work out and “burn it off”? think again, because many compounds in that fast food meal will linger in your body for the long-term, aging you and contributing to compounding health issues. Learn more and see what you can do to manage your health.

the long-term effects of that fast food meal 1Source: kimberlysnyder

Diabetes and Fast Food

Fast food, also commonly referred to a s junk food, is undoubtedly very popular in the UK but is closely linked with health problems including obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Research shows that those consuming fast food regularly gain more weight and have an increased risk of health disorders.

diabetes and fast food 1Source: diabetes

The Surprising Health Benefits of Sushi

Sushi health facts and the calorie comparison, a very popular “royal burger with cheese weighs in at 760 calories 430 calories from 47g fat. You could eat all of this sushi & still not consume as may calories or fat!

the surprising health benefits of sushi 1Source: kabukirestaurants

Infographic: Candy, you Drive me Bananas

Some scientists and nutritionists claim that a certain amount of sugar, especially early during the day, boosts metabolism ad is conducive to weight loss in the long run. Scientific research aside, candy is usually an important element of special events and holidays. It is a reward in times of success, consolation in case of failure.

infographic candy, you drive me bananas 1Source: easyfinance

A Fast Food Burger is 3 Times Larger Now Than in the 1950s

The average restaurant meal today is more than four times larger than in the 1950s. And adults are, on average, 26 pounds heavier. If we want to eat healthy, there are things we can do for ourselves and our community.

a fast food burger is 3 times larger now than in the 1950s 1Source: makinghealtheasier

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