A Quick Look at the Best and Worst Smoking Cessation Tools

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Sometimes smokers try to quit for years before they ever figure out the best method. Now CocktailNerd is making is simple with a new infographic that compiles research from six different studies. Using this quick tool, smokers can instantly see which options are most successful and which options rarely work. Then they can make an educated decision on how to proceed as they give up tobacco once and for all.

The infographic showcases seven different smoking cessation methods and the percentage of smokers that successfully quit after using each month for six months. The last successful method was nicotine gum with only 8.4% of smokers actually quitting. Next in line were nicotine patches and nicotine lozenges. All three of these methods were rarely successful and ranked as the worst smoking cessation options.

In the middle of the pack were nicotine inhalers, which helped 13% of smokers quit. Drugs like Bupropion and Chantix were much more likely to work, with a 21% success rate. The cold turkey approach was highly successful with 22% of smokers making it to the six-month mark without tobacco. However, the most successful option was electronic cigarettes. Nearly one third of smokers that switched to e-cigarettes were completely tobacco-free within six months. Check out the infographic to learn more about the pros and cons of each method and find out the best option to help you kick the tobacco habit.

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a quick look at the best and worst smoking cessation tools 1Source: cocktailnerd

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