Body Changes in women due to pregnancy (Infographic)

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There are various types of changes that take place in the women body during the pregnancy and details of the some are provided in the following part of the article. The respiratory system of the women changes as the rate of respiration, tidal volume and ventilation will increase so as to cope up with the demands of the growing fetus and this will lead to breathlessness.

The blood volume, cardiac output and heart rate of the women increases that changes the cardiovascular system and from the second trimester the blood pressure will decrease. During pregnancy, the visceral organs get displaced and the bulging uterus leads to increase in the heartburn and reflux.

Due to the increased levels of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy the breasts becomes even more tender and as the date of delivery comes closer the breast size also increasing for breastfeeding.

The abdomen also changes during the pregnancy as the size of the abdomen increases and this may even cause aches in the abdomen sides. During pregnancy, pressure is put on the pelvic floor muscles, bladder and urethra that lead to frequent urination. Besides these other changes include in the musculoskeletal system changes, skin changes and changes in the body weight.

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body changes in women due to pregnancy 1Source: pregnantweeks

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