Could your Job be causing you Hearing Loss? (Infographic)

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Workers are exposed to loud noise in many professions and are at risk of hearing loss. The main problem is that people are not aware that industrial deafness can can caused by sound levels we are exposed to all the time. Levels of 85dB and above has the capacity to lead to hearing loss. This infographic displays the decibel levels of sounds we are exposed to in work and in everyday life.

This infographic’s aim is to educate people as the risks they may be at and how to protect themselves form developing hearing loss. Employers have to protect their staff from noise and if they don’t they would be subject to hearing loss compensation.

Also explained are the effects of the period of exposure. The length of time that someone is subjected to a noise increases the possibility of causing hearing loss. As the volume increases, the time needed to cause damage decreases. The infographic displays this and the results are surprising.

This infographic was brought to you by Atrium Legal, experts in hearing loss claims.

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