Drinking Coffee to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

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Drinking coffee can do more for your health than just a stimulant to keep you awake. There are several compounds found in coffee that help you control your weight.


Caffeine is in coffee and if you look at diet supplements, you will likely find it as part of the ingredients. Researchers have found that caffeine stimulates the nervous system and increases our metabolism. Our metabolism dictates how much calories we burn while we are at rest. Hence by increasing the metabolism, caffeine allows us to burn more fat without having to exercise more.

Chlorogenic acid:

Chlorogenic acid is another substance found in coffee. This compound reduces the amount of carbohydrates we absorb. In doing so, we end up absorbing less calories.

Carbohydrates are insulinogenic, which means it causes our insulin to increase. Insulin is a hormone that reduces fat burning. By absorbing less carbohydrate, we also reduce insulin, allowing our body access to body fat for energy.

Exercise Performance:

As well as enhancing us mentally, caffeine has been shown to sustain prolonged exercise. By allowing us to exercise longer, it naturally means we burn more calories through exercise too.

For more information on how coffee can help us lose weight and burn fat, see the infographic below.

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Source: authoritydiet

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