How to Get 30 Minutes of Exercise at Your Desk (Infographic)

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As life gets busy, getting enough exercise, eating well, and taking care of yourself are usually the first things to move to the back burner. But if you’re willing to get a little creative, exercising at work can open the door to getting 30 minutes of exercise, without stealing precious time after you clock out. We looked at the average work day, then crafted a desk friendly work out plan around it. So if you’re stuck at your desk all day, here are some ideas to get fit during the daily grind.

This infographic has a series of circuits that will get your heart pounding, build up some muscle groups, and increase your flexibility. Best of all, they can all be done at work. Good luck, and let us know what you think of the plan.

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how to get 30 minutes of exercise at your desk 1 Source: millionideas

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