Most Dangerous Gym Machines (Infographic)

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There are various types of machines in a gym and among them there many which can prove to be dangerous and the list of same is provided in the below given article.The behind the neck shoulder press machine can prove to be dangerous as puts pressure on the joints of the shoulders and can lead to the risk of impingement. The use of Rotary Torso Machine in an inefficient manner can lead to torque on your spine.

The Seated back extension machine put the stress on the lumbar spine while the seated leg press puts too much pressure on the joints of the knee and entire low back. Besides these other dangerous machines are leg extension machine, Ab roller, Olympic bench, hip abductor, Stretching machines, hack squat, butt blaster, the smith machine, seated torso rotation, pec deck machine, roman chair back extension, ab twisters and others.

Regular exercise and fitness helps an individual in various ways like it helps to boost the brainpower, reduced stress, increase the appetite, helps in gaining the energy, helps in weight loss, improves the immune power, pumps the heart rate and others.

Around 45 million of the Americans have registered themselves with a heath care club or a gym. More than 22 million of females have taken the membership of the fitness center.

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most dangerous gym machines 1Source: fitnesshealthzone

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