Myths and Facts about Chocolate (Infographic)

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The word “Chocolate” comes from the Aztec word, “Xocolatl”, which ironically means “bitter water”. When majority of us hear the word Chocolate, we imagine a bar, a box of candy and so on. There are a number of varieties of chocolate according to the amount of Cocoa used in a particular formulation. Chocolate is an important ingredient in lots of foods – chocolate bars, milk shakes, cookies, flavored coffee, even breakfast cereal and medicines. In candy making, chocolate is next only to sugar in significance and incidence of use. It has been used as a drink for almost entire of its history.

Chocolate is exclusive in that it can be equally an essential ingredient and a complete toffee by itself. But yet, not many of us know the distinctive genesis of this popular delight.

Nearly all people wish if they can include chocolate in their diets, that they can eat it guilt-free without having to worry about it. Media headings concerning chocolate regularly feel bittersweet. One week it’s fine for you and the next week, it’s terrible. If you think the chocolate build up, you might worry it’s causing you skin troubles, making you fat etc. Well, in fact people can incorporate chocolate in their diets. Chocolate lovers may be amazed to learn that it’s a lot healthier than other sugary treats. Lots of the aged myths about chocolate and health are collapsing under the influence of scientific truth. New research has shown that chocolate can be a part of a healthy diet.

Here, we tell you with help from an Infographic, some popular myths and facts about chocolate.

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