Plastic Surgery: What Can You Get For 7.000 euros?

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Imagine right now you have 7.000 euros and you are willing to have a long-desired plastic surgery to get the look you have always dreamt about, or maybe a few surgeries. Before making any decisions you would like to know what and where can you afford?  Well, have a look at the infographic since it surveys the prices of the most common plastic surgeries including breast enlargement, abdominal liposuction, tummy tuck, thigh liposuction, breast lift, vein varicose and arm lift. In the scale of 7 plastic procedures a country where you can get all the surgeries scores 100%, accordingly as the number of available surgeries decreases, the percent goes down.

Interestingly, only in Lithuania 7.000 euros would cover the entire 7 surgeries. Another attractive destination seems to be Hungary where the rate stands at 71 percent.  Germany, France and Denmark fall into the group of 43 percent. The lowest rate is recorded in the UK, Italy and Ireland. Here you can get only 29 percent of surgeries done. For instance, you can get only abdominal liposuction and thigh liposuction. Bear in mind that the research is based on average prices, 3-5 clinics were surveyed, the study serves as a guiding point, exact prices may differ in various clinics due to a number of reasons such as the volume of a surgery, facilities maintenance and staff salaries.

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