Top 5 Cigarette Infographics

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Weird News: Cigarettes

Woman fired from her job as a medical receptionist because she smelled of cigarettes! Animal experts at an Indonesia zoo are helping an orang-utan quit smoking after she got addicted from smoking discarded cigarettes thrown ear her cage!

weird news cigarettes 1Source: easyvape

Cigarette Smokers Inhale Steep Tax Hikes

Cigarette taxes have increased significantly since 2009. 19 states, the District of Columbia and the federal government all imposed tax hikes on smokers. The federal tax more than doubled in 2009, jumping from 39 cents to $1.01 on a 20-cigarette pack.

cigarette smokers inhale steep tax hikes 1Source: facethefactsusa

A Look at Electronic Cigarette

If you have made the healthy decision to quit smoking, you may need the aid of an e-cigarette to help curb your nicotine cravings. Not only can they help you avoid the harmful effects of tobacco, they are also much cheaper than traditional cigarettes. The most popular electronic cigarettes today come in two varieties, 2 & 3 piece designs.

a look at electronic cigarette 1Source: electroniccigarettesreviews

Tobacco Smokes the World

No industry is more infamous than big tobacco. Despite a number of government programs designed to eradicate tobacco use, 250 million children alive today will die as a result of tobacco. Read on to find out how big tobacco s smoking the world.

tobacco smokes the world 1Source: affordableschoolsonline

Cigarette Company Statistics

It’s easy to demonize cigarette companies for spinning facts and causing early 1in 5 deaths in America. So what’s stopping America from banning this harmful drug? Just how big is “Big Tobacco”? fortune 500 ranks the top Tobacco company, Philip Morris International, at the 94th most profitable company.

cigarette company statistics 1cigarette company statistics 1Source: termlifeinsurance

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