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What’s Possible for Health Care?

Recent advances in health care can successfully treat and manage many diseases that were fatal just a generation ago. Yet, our health care system still faces unsustainable cost growth and falls far short of its potential. Let’s look at some goals for the U.S. health care system and how they might be achieved by adopting practices already in use in other industries.

What’s Possible for Health Care

Source: IOM

 Digital Healthcare

Most hospitals expect to receive federal incentives for meeting the first stage of meaningful use guidelines for electronic medical record (EMR) adoption set forth by the centers for Medicare and medical aid. Meeting these initial requirements has meant the scanning of millions of paper patient records – and expensive and time consuming task not addressed or incented by meaningful use.


Source: IronMountain

Most and Least Expensive Cities For Health Care

Check out the top five cities for everything from Medicare costs to average costs per patient, even prescription drug sales. The answers may surprise you.


Healthcare Reform Begins With You:

2010- 2020 will see a 22 percent growth in the healthcare administration field. As a healthcare administrator, you”ll manage compliance with government healthcare regulations. This includes establishing standards of service, as well as managaing healthcare costs. This puts you in the front seat for helping reform healthcare.

Healthcare Reform Begins with you

Source: Degreetree

Smartphone Smarter Healthcare

In the US in 2011, 124 million downloaded a health app. In 2012, that figure is already 247 million. With a global revenue of $1.2 billion from mhealth apps in 2011, that figure is estimated to be $11.8 billion in 2018.

Smartphone-Smarter-HealthcaSource: AlliedHealthWorld

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