Demystifying the Ushipizin (Infographic)

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With the celebration of the Sukkot now fast approaching, it is only fitting that we again be refreshed on the exact things that make this feast what it is. Just like any Jewish feast, holiday, or celebration, the Sukkot assigns ample importance to the perpetuation of codes of conduct that are consistent to the very teachings of the Jewish religion. A fitting symbolism of this enduring Jewish thrust is the tradition pertaining to the welcome of the ushpizin guests during the sukkot. The Ushpizin, the Seven Guests: Demystified should adequately showcase what this tradition stands for. The Ushpizin, the Seven Guests: Demystified is divided in three parts for the readers’ convenience.

The first part explains the core concepts behind the ushpizin guests, and illustrates the seven biblical characters, bearers of divine energies, which are symbolized by the ushpizin. The second part delves into the meaning and relevance of each of the ushpizin guest. Also, this part takes note of the modern practices through which Jewish families receive these guests during the sukkot feast. The third part focuses on alternative beliefs on the ushpizin, such as one in accordance to the Chabad tradition and another from Medieval Italian kabbalist Menachem Azariah of Fano.

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