Fall Lawn Care: How to Beat the Joneses Next Spring

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The warmth of summer has slipped away, and fall is officially upon us and in full swing. Many are taking advantage of this beautiful, short season by spending time out in nature and witnessing the magnificent leaves. Others are going on hayrides, making caramel apples and carving pumpkins. Fall is always a season to be relished as it is often short-lived. Winter is near and while some are in denial about this, the best way to react is to enjoy our currently pleasant temperatures and prepare for the long season ahead.

Preparing for winter includes many tasks, some of them more obvious than others. People often fail to see the necessity of fall lawn and garden care and how much this impacts your yard come spring. This infographic will educate you on how you can keep your lawn in peak condition as it endures the frigid temperatures that come with the cold season, as well as enlighten you will some fun facts. Did you know that a high quality lawn can raise the value of your home by 11%? Did you know that there is 50,000,000 acres of grass in the United States alone? Read on to learn more interesting facts and tips!

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