Guide to Moving Home

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They say moving home is one of the most stressful things anyone will do in their lifetimes. Whether this is your first move or your fifteenth some tasks just never get easier. This info graphic has been designed to be your guide to moving home, to help make the move a little more manageable and organised.

To begin, this info graphic provides a checklist of the people you should notify before you change address. Whether you are moving down the street or moving countries there is always someone you need to tell.

Divided into different categories from Utilities, Services, Financial, Health and Other this checklist will ensure no one is forgotten. This info graphic then provides details on how to perfectly pack up all your belongings. These useful tips and tricks will ensure nothing gets damaged or lost on the way and that unpacking will be straightforward and stress free.

Something to always remember when packing is to start early, most problems that arise from moving home is that tasks are left too late and end up being rushed. If you take only one thing away from this guide let it be to start as soon as possible, don’t procrastinate!

Similar to the ‘Who to Notify’ checklist, this guide provides another useful checklist divided into jobs to do 6 weeks before moving day and then 2 weeks before moving day. Once you have completed the guide up to this point you are nearly there.

The ‘On the Day’ section of this info graphic helps you reach the final hurdle when moving into your new home. This section reminds you to return all keys to your old property and to introduce yourself to your neighbours, after all a good first impression is essential.

This info graphic finishes with a handy fact file you should make for your new home with numbers of nearby doctors, tradesmen and services along with all instruction manuals for household appliances. Follow this guide and take the stress out of moving home!

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