How Much Does It Cost To Insulate Your Home (Infographic)

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Following the never-ending winter that we’ve had this year, many of us have been hit by hefty utilities bills as a result of keeping our houses toasty warm whilst it’s freezing outside. If you’re looking at these bills in a state of shock, you may be wondering what you could have done to reduce them, without sacrificing any limbs to the cold.

Insulating your home correctly can be one of the fastest ways to reduce your energy bills, and fast. But with so many different types of insulation available, it’s difficult to know where to start. This infographic shows you the various types of insulation available for you home, as well as the cost of each type and, most importantly, how quickly you can expect to see a return on your investment! From a 6 month return on lagging tanks and pipes to a whopping 22 year return on solid wall insulation – this is a fantastic starting point if you’re already thinking ahead to next winter and aren’t sure where to begin!

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