How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

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It is believed that if Feng Shui is used correctly, it can do wonders for your home which is why we’ve put together an infographic to show you the biggest Feng Shui mistakes people tend to make in the bedroom.

We all need a good night’s sleep and if you can get your Feng Shui decoration correct, you’ll definitely have a deep and peaceful sleep!

The colours you choose have a huge impact on your mood, it is believed in Feng Shui that bright colours are just too much and too loud for the bedroom. You want your bedroom to be a peaceful place so focus on colours that are natural shades that give you that peaceful feeling. If you cannot live without colour in your life then make sure you use them in very small portions.

Your bed and its surroundings are very important too. Ideally according to Feng Shui rules the bed should be kept away from the walls but that is not always convenient so in that case just make sure your bed is not in line with the bedroom door!

Also you must avoid hanging anything heavy above the bed. It is believed that heavy object above the bed can create an oppressive energy which can work its way into your life.

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