The Importance of Curb Appeal (Infographic)

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Online door specialist presents an infographic that sheds light on what kind of activities add value and ‘curb appeal’ adds to one’s home. Whether the house is up for sale or the homeowners simply want to upgrade the look of their home, this infographic presents valuable and practical advice to give it an instant, affordable façade makeover with do’s and don’ts done in easy-to-understand text and graphics.

 The first part of the infographic shows a diagram of a house’s façade, showing the do’s that will make it have instant curb appeal. From repairing the roof and chimney to repainting window trims, through to washing the house’s face and upgrading the mailbox, these practical bits of advice aim for an instant ‘facelift’ to any home without the need for major renovation. There are also quick gardening tips which can be done for free, or for a hundred to $500. The third and last part of the infographic shows what a homeowner or seller must not do to the house, in order not to rob it of curb appeal. The text and illustrations adequately describe the use of improper paint colors, neglected gardens, a cluttered driveway, and others as examples of things to avoid or be aware of.
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