How to Bake a Texty Cake?

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Being a blogger, you definitely want all your blog posts to be perfect. Perfect is a synonym of more readers, more traffic, more conversion, better reputation, positive feedback, and great online presence in general.

Are you sure you know how to write a perfect blog post? What elements does it need to have for your readers’ better perception? How many words should it have? What should its structure be?

Just imagine yourself a chef who wants to cook a delicious rainbow cake for your friends. What do you need for this? A list of ingredients and a recipe on how to mix and cook them in a right way. To create a blog post, you need to do the same procedure; and this bright infographic from Omnipapers has been designed to make this process easier.

It will tell you about creating a blog post ideal for your audience, reveal all important components every blog post should have, provide you with some tricks for a blog post to look really “meaty”, and share a checklist for your better memorization of all blogging secrets.

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Source: omnipapers

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