Top 10 Zombie Infographics

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Zombie Survival Gear

Are you prepared for the next zombie outbreak? Make sure to keep this gear at the ready. Also, learn the five critical skills that’ll help keep you from becoming a snack for ravenous hordes of flash-eating ghouls.

zombie survival gear

Source: rei

The Ultimate Zombie Preparation Guide

Unlike natural disasters, such as tornadoes and earthquakes, the zombie apocalypse is quite unnatural and features one pretty unique component: brain-eating zombies. If you want to keep your head – and everything else – when the zombie apocalypse comes, you’ll need to prepare. Whether you plan to hunt down the living dead or lay when it all goes down, now is the time to plan, research, and train.

the ultimate zombie preparation guide

Source: timerazor
Contingency Plans for The Zombie Appocalypse

This document is an extension of the suggestions for defense policy brought forth in the United States Strategic Studies Institute (USSSI) paper, ‘known unknown: unconventional “strategic shocks” in defense strategy development’.

contingency plans for the zombie appocalypse

Source: survival-goods

Zombies of the Past Decade

A selected timeline of zombies in pop culture in the past decade. Release of the first Resident Evil film adaptations of the popular video game series, starring Milla Jovovich. The game had been in production since 1996.

zombies of the past decade

Source: clutch.mtv

Zombie Epidemic

What would happen if a zombie virus hit the U.S? Assuming the outbreak started in South America at the start of flu season and was brought into the country by immigrants, this is how it might unfold.

zombie epidemic

Source: classesandcareers

The Social Media Zombie Appocalypse

It’s scary, but it’s true: The zombie apocalypse is already upon us. Social media has turned many of us into drones. We’ve checked out of the real world to obsessively, compulsively, and often unwittingly check our various accounts.

the social media zombie appocalypse

Source: confused

The Zombie Walk

The rapidly emerging phenomenon of ‘Zombie Walking’ has been taking the UK by storm over the last 3 years. Organised zombie walks are now quite common in large cities. Zombie walks are essentially organized gatherings of people dressed up in zombie costumes.

the zombie walk

Source: designbysoap

How to Fend Off Zombie Leads

As any seasoned sales or marketing professional can atleast, not all leads are created equal. Even when leads are a good fit for your company, they can be very difficult to move through the sales process. These often unresponsive, difficult to wrangle leads can be thought of as “zombie leads.”

how to fend off zombie leads

Source: pardot

How to Survive the Zombie Army

We protected so many lives from the original zombie apocalypse, we’re taking protection detail one step further to show you how to defend against an entire zombie army. With few heads of lettuce, some mainly rare steaks, and Goal Zero solar powered gear, you’ll be safe from the flesh-eating horde. We are dead serious, about taking zombies seriously.

 how to survive the zombie army

Source: goalzero

The Science of Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Consciousness Deficit Hypoactivity Disorder (CDHD) The loss of rational voluntary and conscious behavior replaced by delusional impulsive aggression, stimulus-driven attention, the inability to coordinate motor linguistic behaviours and an insatiable appetite for human flesh.

the science of surviving the zombie apocalypse

Source: pimsleurapproach

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