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The Start up Ecosystem Predator Vs Prey – What is your Niche?

There is a circle of life that makes the Tech Start up Ecosystem self-sustainable. We have put a magnifying glass up to each specimen to determine its role, predators, and prey. Take caution: this ecosystem rests in a delicate balance, for your viewing pleasure only.

the startup ecosystem predator vs Prey  what is your niche 1Source: udemy

Self-Described Mac Vs. PC People Infographic

Hunch then crossed those responses with answers from dozens of other questions among its 2,000-strong “Teach Hunch about You question pool. The following is one of 2,000 “Teach Hunch about You” questions that Hunch users can answer at their leisure as they use

self-described mac vs. pc people infographic 1Source: hunch

Easter by the Numbers

Easter kicks off springs the right way: kids running around the yard looking for hidden eggs, while the adults take pictures ad sneak candy out of the kids’ baskets.

easter by the numbers 1Source: degreesearch

Frightful Food Facts – There’s what in that?

Believe it or not the US food and drug administration has approved levels of the amounts of rodents and insect filth permitted in some foods.

frightful food facts there’s what in that 1Source: fda

Top Excuses women use When Hiding their Latest Fashion Purchases

Not only does the average woman in the UK spend a massive £84,000 in their lifetime on clothes, but they continually tell white lies and fibs to mask their guilt! The below data and information illustrates many of their pitfalls with regards to shopping and the “Top 10 Excuses” they use when giving their reason for buying to their husbands and boyfriends.

top excuses women use when hiding their latest fashion purchases 1Source: infographicsarchive

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